It’s an unarguable fact that much more than any other species in the world it’s human who has harmed nature the most. In search of “quality of life” and “modernization” we’ve often overlooked the balance of nature. Today things have worsened so much that some of our most popular cities in the world have become too polluted to live. When men realized this mistake, it started taking steps to preserve the balance that it had traditionally spoiled. World Nature Day (WND) is one such step towards preserving nature. It’s celebrated on 3rd of October every year to raise awareness towards preserving the balance of nature.

In some schools teachers and students plant trees to celebrate WND. In this era of forests being eliminated by this is perhaps the most common yet most effective way of giving back what we’ve snatched from the nature. Some organizations and NGOs try to raise public awareness about the benefits of nature on the day by taking out rallies and distributing pamphlets etc. This is also a nice way of making an impact towards preserving the nature.

World Nature Day was first celebrated by World Nature Organization (WNO), which is an Intergovernmental Organization (IGO) focused on protecting the environment.  The organization was established by emerging African countries, countries surrounding the Caribbean and countries surrounding Pacific Ocean; all of which are threatened the most by climate change. First World Nature Day was celebrated by the organization on October 3, 2010. Since then it’s being celebrated every year on the same date.

While schools and organizations celebrate WND in their own ways, you as an individual can also try to add something to the nature on this day by following these few ideas. Turn off all your light bulbs, laptops or any other sources of heat and greenhouse emission when they’re not in use. If possible, try to avoid using all of them for an hour. Save water. Instead of using buckets try using thin whole showers to take bath for avoiding water wastage. Avoid food wastage – cook as much as you need and if it still remains then feed birds or other animals with it.

 Pollution and climate change have become universal problems for almost every country in the world. Therefore, it’s critical to have such events to continuously remind people about saving the earth from such deteriorating environmental conditions.

Nature is always associated with the colour green. It symbolizes life and all of what this planet is offering us. Show your support by wearing green colour clothes and taking small little steps mentioned above. Save the planet that has provided us with our existence. Go green.