White? When we think of the colour white, we just don’t think of it as something plain or blank. White hits us with a galore of opportunities and ideas which it unfolds when applied. From being a white canvas, to a shirt, to a wall it assures you of the creativity you can bring in to make that white more meaningful, elegant and beautiful.

Yes, the colour facts tell us that white holds in itself an entire colour range, which is also portrayed when we project a white light on a prism and it reflects the seven different colours of a rainbow. In a similar manner when you plan interiors for your home, white is a colour which is bound to accept every design, furniture, showpiece, or artwork you project in your home.

Some of the ways in which you can blend your interiors with white colour are:

1. Lights: From a simple tube-light to decorative lights, our interiors are lit by the lighting effects we create in our homes. To make sure that the amount of thought which you or your designer implements with various lights is depicted in complete sense, white walls is its basic need.

2. Paintings: From abstract to a complete thought of painting, just like the white canvas, white interiors, like the walls or ceilings are the best when it comes to giving the required depth and dimension to the painting artwork.

3. Furniture: From sofa sets to tables and chairs, white is something which brings elegance, style and class. Plus, a combination of various coloured furniture to go with white walls, brings the desired trendy and stylish look.

4. Bed & Cushion Covers: Yes, we all have covered our beds and pillows with different fabrics and colours. But, have we ever thought of how well do they go with the overall designing of our home? So, to avoid the confusion as to which colour or design will suit the bed covers or cushion covers, white interiors are the solution.

5. Purity: Colours affect human psychology and the overall energy around. White, is a colour which depicts purity and freshness. It also shows way for new beginnings, so make sure, you use white in appropriate manners in your home interiors and exteriors.

These are some of the ways in which white benefits every house owner or the designers to ease their load of selecting from a palette of shades. Not, just being pure and fresh, white is a colour which mixes and brings the edge to every design or instrument we portray in our homes for giving us that elegance and class along with simplicity in the homes we live in.