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SNOWCEM PLUS is an improved Waterproof Cement Paint, specially formulated for better brushability, easy mixing and application, longer pot life and extra covering capacity. SNOWCEM PLUS the best protective cement paint coat against moisture, salinity and decay causing bacteria. SNOWCEM PLUS for better utility - more saving.

Special Features

It is based on white Portland cement & additives that enhance ease of application & water repellency. It contains pigments that are resistant to heat & light.It requires addition of water only in one stage.Mixing is thus much easier.

a durable, waterproof surface.
repels rain on external surfaces and prevents penetration of damp.
forms a hard surface which gets harder with time. It gives the twin advantages of greater coverage and lesser
labour cost because of its superior brushability.
It has longer pot life compared to other cement paints
more quantity of paint can be mixed at a time
when applied and cured according to instructions, it will not flake or peel off
it is an excellent reflector of heat and light in lighter shades
being waterproof and washable minimises harbouring of germs
It can be used as a basecoat on a new surface before application of UNI-GlOSSS, SANDTEX MATT,

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