We, consciously or unconsciously, associate colours with almost everything we do or relate to. It plays so much in the choices we make. Whether it is choosing the food you want to eat or the clothes you want to wear, colours have huge influence in our decision making.

All the more, there is so much meaning and symbolism attached to colours that speak volumes even in void of words. Consider this, for most of us ‘red’ would mean romance or communism but not peace, and ‘black’, death and sophistication but not life; we presume things to be or not just with one glance!

Fascinatingly, most of the times colours also reflect our personality and thoughts. What makes a particular community wear black? Or why do the priests wear white? Indeed, the significance that colours carry is enormous.

It’s not the big inventions that changes minds, but small realizations that impact the world around you. Though colours add life to our universe and echoes the marvel of creation, most of the times we have failed to appreciate the value of its perpetual presence around us.

With being more than just a sight for the eye,if we can capture the heart of this reality, don’t you think the way we perceive things and the way we communicate would have so much more depth? Now, wouldn’t that be a life to die for?

And so this season, let the light that penetrates the thickest of darkness expand your consciousness; let the virtues of you or lifepaint your relationships with love and forgiveness.