The first day of Deepawali is called Dhanvantari Triodasi or Dhanwantari Triodasi. It is al also known as Dhan Theras. Dhan means “wealth” and Trayodashi means “13th day”. In popular practice it is an auspicious day for shopping of utensils and gold. This year it will be celebrated on 17.10.2017.
In deeper terms, on this day Lord Vishnu’s un-manifest energy flows through Shri Laxami Devi’s Surya nadi (the right channel of the Kundalini) and the channel is activated. Thus the rays generated during the day are full of the ‘Tej tatva’ or the fire element. These ‘Tej’ rays spread all over the Universe and the whole Universe is illuminated by shiny golden particles.

Goddess Laxami’s chaitanya present in these golden particles provides opulence, prosperity and creates an environment conducive for spiritual practice. Hence on this day Goddess Laxmi is worshipped with utmost devotion. Because of the ritualistic worship with spiritual emotion, the Lord and controller of wealth – Kuber enters the earth’s environment and in this process Lord Ganesha removes the hindrances in way.

Thus by worshiping the coupled Divine energy of Goddess Laxami- the creator of wealth, Lord Kuber- the distributer of wealth and Lord Ganesha – the remover of obstacles in way, devotees are blessed with ability to attract wealth and thus fulfilling their desires.

This day has much significance. Many legends, beliefs and rituals are associated with celebration of this day.

Some among this are:

Buying Valuables. In a trance-like state, yamraj sat on top of the heap and spent the whole night listening to the melodious songs, thus missing his deadline and sparing the prince’s life. For this reason, this is considered an auspicious time to buy jewelry.

As per beliefs to appease lord Yamraj and to safeguard once family against sudden calamities or death like situations the oil filled diyas are kept burning throughout the night at main entrance and in southern corner of the house. This ritual is popularly known as Yamdeepdaan.


People celebrate this festival with great joy and happiness. They dress up in fancy ethnic clothes in bright colours such as yellow orange and red as a sign of wealth and prosperity. All the gold shops are lined up with customers excited o get their coins and jewelry as a sign of blessing.

Dhanteras is also an occasion to worship an incarnation of Vishnu – Lord Dhanwantari, the deity of health and the spirit of knowledge, as good health is first and foremost for everybody.

As per legend, Once Lord Indra was cursed by sage Durvasa that “The pride of wealth has entered his head and let Lakshmi leave him.” Lord Vishnu advised the devtas to churn the sea of milk.

Further when the sea is churned, Lakshmi who has disappeared will appear again and her grace will be bestowed on devtas. For churning the same, Mandara Mountain became the churning rod and Vasuki, the king of the serpents, became a rope. Lord Vishnu took the form of a tortoise and hoisted Mandara Mountain on his back and the churning started.

During churning in the midst of the waves of the sea of milk, a goddess with heavenly looks came into view.

The gods and demons continued to churn the ocean for Amrit or nectar, Finally Dhanavantri emerged carrying a jar of the nectar. Thus the churning of the ocean resulted in the immortality of the Devtas and was the reason for Lakshmi’s emergence.